Technical apparel refers to garments that are made from certain fabrics and fabric weaves and generally offer performance features and benefits that your old items may not provide.

Technical apparel that's worn next to your skin is designed to pull, or wick, moisture (generally perspiration) away from your body. By contrast, apparel made of cotton holds sweat, which can be uncomfortable to wear and can actually make you cold even on a warm day. Technical clothing also dries quickly, keeping you comfortable, dry and cool even in the harshest of environmental conditions. For employees who work in the field, in the warehouse or even in the office, apparel made from high-tech fabrics can be particularly useful as it constantly moves sweat off their body during their day.

For business owners, one huge advantage of apparel made from technical fabrics is that they are generally "wash and wear", meaning they can be washed and dried, then hung immediately with little or no need to iron the item. They are also largely stain-resistant and color-fast. Many are also snag-resistant or snag-proof. These fantastic features will help keep your employees looking fresh and professional every day, all day. Cotton and cotton-heavy items may not hold their shape quite as well, and are more prone to stains & discoloration.

Technical clothing is comfortable for another reason: Most items are made of lightweight, stretchy fabrics and are less bulky overall. Layering technical fabrics will help hold heat IN during the colder times of year, and does so without too much bulk.

Technical fabrics are generally a bit more expensive than ones made from cotton and other fabrics, but the real cost savings are in their ability to retain their shape and appearance over time and keep your employees comfortable and happy throughout their work day.

If you've never worn an item made of technical fabric, consider adding a few to your next order. We'll be happy to guide you in the right direction.