Promotional items are here to stay. One of the biggest bangs for your buck when looking at promotional items for corporate events are promotional bags. Tote bags, slings, backpacks, messenger bags, cinch packs, briefcases, duffels and more all fit into the promotional bags category.

Evidenced by the fact that over 34% of U.S. consumers own logoed bags, people appreciate getting a nice bag as a corporate gift at an event. Bags of all types generate more impressions than any other promotional item. Most people keep a promotional bag for 2 years or longer, creating up to 5,700 impressions over their lifetime, both for the recipient and anyone they may encounter. Cost per impression? if you spend $30 on a bag, you're cost per impression is about a half cent per impression. Where else can you get advertising for your brand so inexpensively? The higher the quality and the more appropriate the bag is for the audience, the more likely someone will use it as their "daily driver", generating even more impressions.

Bags come in all shapes and sizes - costs and configurations, can be screen printed or embroidered, and are an excellent corporate gift for your next outing.

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