Depending on where you live, you may or may not give much consideration to outerwear. If you live in a warmer more tropical climate, you may own a couple of jackets and break them out on only a few days per year. If you live in a much colder climate, you may have an entire room dedicated to various types and weights of jackets and other outerwear.

No matter what climate you live in, outerwear is an important part of your wardrobe. Even the warmest of clients experience very cold days, and even the not-so-cold days may feel frigid when the average daily temperature is in the 90s. However, in the colder climates, outerwear is almost a religion. People in colder climates tend to own more jackets, each with varying degrees of warmth, water-resistance, and style. I can relate to this in a completely opposite way, as I live in Florida. I own multiple styles of flip-flops which I choose from depending on the occasion (going to the beach, hanging around the house, doing yard work, going out to dinner, attending a black tie event, etc).

Outerwear has come a long way recently. It’s not just for utility any more. Manufacturers have been making more and more stylish options for outerwear over the last decade or so. They have blending new fabric offerings (like Soft Shells and Micro Fleece), with new technologies which make jackets lighter-weight and more comfortable and stylish cuts that are flattering for women and handsome for men.

Outerwear statistics are interesting1. 85% of US consumers remember the advertiser who gave them the outerwear. 75% of people keep promotional outerwear because it's useful, 52% because it's attractive, and 49% because it's enjoyable to have. So, if you're planning on using outerwear as a holiday gift, it's probably a pretty good idea! No matter where you live, outerwear is a necessity. Choosing the right piece can often be a challenge. At PromoStreet, we are here to make that simple.

1. Advertising Specialty Institute - Promotional Product Spotlight: Outerwear. Impressions Study 2014