Embroidery is a fascinating process to those who see it in action. By definition, embroidery is the act of using thread and needle to apply a design to an item, usually in a pattern of some sort. PromoStreet uses high-tech embroidery machines to embroider your logo on items (usually garments) for the purposes of corporate promotion and recognition, corporate gifts, and a variety of other uses.

IT ALL STARTS WITH DIGITIZING The embroidery machines we use require that a file containing a digitized version of your logo be loaded into the machine. What does that mean. Digitizing a logo is the process of mapping each stitch so that it not only creates the design (your logo and text) that you want to sew on the items, but also so that it does it well based on the garment that is receiving the embroidery. This means that our world-class digitizers we may create multiple digitized files for your hat logo and your shirt logo. The final product looks the same, but we utilize different techniques to make sure that it looks perfect on a hat vs a shirt, for example.

SEWING THE DESIGNS Our high-tech machines work quickly to apply the design to your items. It's actually quite fascinating to watch. Our machines have as many as 16 "heads" (each head can sew one item at a time). Each head has 15 needles, each containing a different thread color. One design can be sewn at a time on each machine.

Your items are all carefully loaded on the machine under the different heads and the digitized file is loaded into the computer running that machine. Once the operator presses the start button, the entire tray of shirts (or hats, etc) moves in unison while the needle containing the proper color thread begins moving up and down. This precisely calibrated movement creates the design on the shirt.

CLICK HERE to watch a logo get embroidered.

FINISHING THE PROCESS Once the embroidery is complete, there is more work to be done. PromoStreet prides itself on our quality finishing and attention to detail in this process, as this can mean the difference between a good logo and a great logo. After embroidery, the machine leaves stray stitches and jump stitches (the little stitches between elements of the design). Our highly trained technicians then trim each logo and inspect the logo and item for quality to make sure that it is up to our standards and correct.

PromoStreet's pride in craftsmanship and accuracy makes all the difference. Our entire staff is committed to making your experience with us a pleasurable one.