What's the difference between a button up and a button down shirt? Do you know? Don't feel bad if you don't, most people don't (or don't really care or never really gave it much thought). Really, it's quite simple.

If a shirt is closed all the way up in the front using buttons, it’s a button-up shirt. If a shirt buttons all the way up the front, and has a button on the point of each side of the collar that buttons into the top portion of the shirt, it’s a button-down shirt. Therefore, a button down shirt is a type of button up, but not every button up is a button down shirt.

Simple, right?

Button ups come in a variety of styles for a variety of different uses. PromoStreet has a full line of button up shirts, including camp shirts, poplin work wear shirts, dress shirts and Oxfords, fishing and travel shirts and many more.

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